Lessons for individuals or groups


Due to the lockdown, all lessons take place on zoom or skype.

Contact me for information on times and days available.  It is still possible to hire an instrument.

Individual lessons take place at my home, where a music room has a wide range of instruments. Harps range from 20 strings and no levers to 38 strings and fully levered.

Flute and other woodwind.


Two people can share lessons together on harps, flute or penny whistle.  This could be really useful for siblings or friends.

Group lessons can happen in a school or other venue, as I have a formal DBS number that enables me to work in schools and other public places.  Get in touch to discuss the package that works for you.

Music lessons £30 an hour
3 people in a group lesson 30 minutes £5 each
4 people in a group lesson 40 minutes £5 each