Exams? And why Trinity?

There's never any need to take exams but some people like them, because they work well with deadlines and a bit of pressure!  As an adult, I found it really useful to have a 'good excuse' to practice, and it provides a handy structure.  We can use the structure anyway, without paying for the formal test.

Trinity exams are more flexible and less formal than the Associated Board, with interesting aspects like the opportunity to improvise. The standard is roughly the same, as is the format - technical exercises, pieces, studies and supporting tests.

Grade 4 is roughly equivelent to a C grade at GCSE (yes, be proud, all of you who achieved that while still at primary school!!) Grade 5 an A grade at GCSE, and grade 7 and 8 equally equivelent to A level, whichever board you use.

Trinity does not require a pass in grade 5 theory before you can access the higher practical grades, making it more accessible to those who prefer not to do written work.

Our termly music sharing events are partly to enable those taking exams to practice playing to an audience, and partly for those chosing not to take exams to have a chance to share their playing and have a deadline to work to.