No concerts this term

Hello everyone, 

Greeting to any students visiting this page, I'm sorry there are no opportunities for you to share your work at the moment.  If anyone would like to reach a wider audience without actually being on YouTube, I will gladly record a performance and upload it here.  Do mention it at your next lesson.


Summer concert

Our summer concert will take place on June 18th

Thank you so much, all of you who took part in the doodle poll, and I'm so sorry we couldn't find a date to suit everyone.  Instead of a workshop, we will have an hours rehearsal from 5.30 - 6.30 to put an enselmble piece together, then a break, and the concert itself starting at 7.15pm.

In the Autumn term, I will aim to have a longer afternoon workshop.


Community Page

As those of you familiar with Anne McCaffrey’s universe will know, a Harper is any musician.  In fact, actual harps don’t feature at all on Pern (a medieval culture on an old Earth colony planet) but Harpers sing, teach, tell stories, and often play a type of guitar as well as pipes and small drums.


I would like to offer a workshop on a Saturday in October.  

It would start early afternoon, and focus on ensemble work.  People would work on their sections of music, then fit them with the others.  We would have a variety of folk/traditional music, improvisation and perhaps a popular classical or show tune.

We would break for tea, and reassemble for an early evening concert, at 6.30pm.

This will only work if enough people sign up.  There will be spaces for people who would like to explore an instrument, or return to it, if you have an interested friend or family member.  Please comment HERE below, please which days work for you.

The workshop will cost £10, to include sandwiches, biscuits and drinks.  

Please see 'dates and discussion page' for other information.

please comment below or email me for any further details.


Linda and Hazel duetting.

A video from our very first concert. Linda is performing tomorrow at Arundel castle!