Updates and comments

4. Apr, 2017

Resurecting this blog as my creative life gets back up to speed.   Thanks for the encouragement El.

I seem to have wound down the teaching and wound up the music therapy, so this website may need to revolve accordingly.  Meeting some amazing new people here in Worthing and launching a new initiative (though it looks like an old initiative because several people have tried it before me) can we possibly try to all move together this time??  Sorry I wasn't there for previous incarnations.

Here is a facebook page, please Worthing folk, link your pages to it. advertise!  

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1424911994250923/  It's currently called 'Brighton Relocated' but that's not set in stone, or even hardwood.

I'm fondly imagining that everyone knows what I mean when I say 'counter culture', but it's a fairly loose container.  Let's see what happens.


9. Apr, 2016

I'm going to invest in a better coat.  Dog and I are getting soaked on a regular basis. (April showers)

I'm pleased to be able to offer a workshop in June, it will be a real mixture of short, interplaying pieces, some read, some improvised.  We will incorporate a bit of theory and harmony into the afternoon - once you understand why a piece of music fits together, it become easier to create your own.

There will still be spaces for people to play their own practised solo pieces - and not just those preparing for exams.  Our music sharing events are a safe place to celebrate whatever you have worked on.

The little harp has been decorated by Kerry, and is gorgeous.

30. Jan, 2016

A new nest of little harps arrived, for a new student, a colleague and ... well a spare one. Kerry Beall www.kerrybeall.com  is going to decorate it for me - watch this space.

These dear little harps are made by a craftsman in Derby, here in England.

view all the options at www.derwent-harps.myshopify.com and contact me to order if you're near the south coast - or them directly.


19. Jan, 2016

Thank you for the feedback so far, it's very helpful.

I have realised that it's not clear how to respond here - to comment on this post, you need to click on the title which is underlined, and then a comment box will appear.  

18. Jan, 2016

Today I'll send this website out and hope some people comment.  We can link to the Hazel's Harpers facebook page for sharing photos, possibly, but this website will be where any important information will go.

Please will people comment, to let me know it all makes sense, can be seen, and is usable?

any suggestions/general feedback gratefully recieved.

Thank you.  I would also really appreciate anyone NOT wanting their photo/their child's photo appearing, for example illustrating the music events, to let me know as soon as possible.

As soon as I upgrade this website to pro I will be able to upload clips of people playing, which could be exciting.😎